Santiago Ruiz

is universally recognised as the father of Albariño.

His family had already produced wine since the end of the 19th Century and he continued the tradition. It wasn't until he retired that he dedicated himself completely to his passion: wine. Winemaker and communicator, Santiago Ruiz is respected as much for his career in wine as for his commitment to the land.


A firm proponent of the use of O Rosal's native varieties, Santiago Ruiz was finally able to dedicate himself to his true vocation when he was 70 years old, after retiring from his job as machinery and naval insurance salesman. Passionate about work in the winery, his innate curiosity let him to centre his efforts on improving the production process for Galician white wine, incorporating new innovations, such as the use of cooling and stainless steel tanks, in a constant effort to exalt the wines of his region.

The work

In 1984, Santiago Ruiz realised his passion and founded his winery, where he produced a white wine that would be one of the first to bear a label. Convinced of the quality of his wine, he became the Rias Baixas's first ambassador, making the region known all over the world. Soon, Santiago Ruiz was recognised as one of the pioneers in regenerating Galician vineyards. In homage to his efforts, his own street, the winery he founded and the wine that keeps his spirit alive are all proudly named after Santiago Ruiz.

Wines that make history


The history of Albariño

Long before the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin existed, wine used to be made for domestic consumption in the Galician region of O Rosal. This tradition existed in the home of Santiago Ruiz, whose grandfather, Ángel, made it for the household and to give as a gift, always with its own label.

When Santiago Ruiz reached 70 years of age and then retired, he made it his personal mission to make O Rosal wines a byword for quality, through careful winemaking, demanding excellence and using the most innovative techniques (such as stainless steel tanks.)

This love of the land and for its wines earned him, alongside the success of his endeavour, the gratitude of his countrymen, who even decided to name a street after him. This is how, travelling the length and breadth of Spain with his bottles under his arm, Santiago Ruiz became "the father of Albariño" and a great ambassador for the Rías Baixas.

“The man who invented Albariño was called Santiago Ruiz.”

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